South's School-Wide Orientation

Tech Help for Parents and Students

Parents and guardians, we thank you for your hard work navigating this new virtual and hybrid learning environment.

An important part of making our virtual and hybrid environments work to their best ability is your child accessing our commonly used educational apps both in school and at home. We are excited to share with you our single-sign-on application that will make logging in to your child’s school-related apps much easier and user friendly. This application is called ClassLink. Below is a link to a video tutorial that walks you through logging in ClassLink for the first time and the apps it allows you to access easily.

You can also use the link below to access our Tech Help for Parents and Students Page. The resources on this page will answer questions you have if you are a virtual parent/student as well as for our virtual Friday lessons.

Tech Help

The Royal Pledge

“We are committed to protecting the health of our students and staff, seeking to keep everyone physically and emotionally strong.

I pledge to:

  • Stay home if I'm experiencing a cough, sore throat, or fever.
  • Stay home if I have had close contact with a confirmed case of COVI D-19 in the past 14 days.
  • Wear a mask when six feet of physical distancing cannot be maintained (unless not medically or developmentally appropriate).
  • Maintain six feet of physical distancing at all times possible.
  • Increase hygiene practices by washing my hands frequently throughout the day, avoid touching my face, and practice coughing and sneezing into my elbow instead of using my hand.

Working together, we can stay together and slow the spread of COVID-19!”

Prince George County's Return to Learn Plan

Ways to Help our Teachers Get the Supplies They Need

Are you a Prince George Electric Customer?

If you are a Prince George Electric customer you can help our school each month.  The Prince George Electric Cooperative has a Round Up for Education program.  We benefit each year from these funds.  We have used these funds to buy printers, cubbies, learning supplies, science supplies and many other items.  All you need to do is say YES. Each month, your electric bill is rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. The difference between your actual bill amount and the whole dollar will be set aside to assist the school of your choice—South Elementary. You can sign up at by sending an email with your account information and the school of your choice-South Elementary. Thank you for helping us!

In addition to Box Tops for Education, South also participates in the A+ Tyson Program.  On Tyson products there is a label that will say Tyson Project A+.  For each label we send back we receive .24.  Clip, save and return those labels to South Elementary Library.